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Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing.

Certificate of  Completion, MCSC

Excel With Business, Web Design Course.


Stefan Dukes

Kre8tive Design Studio

2625 Piedmont Rd. #56125

Atlanta, Ga. 30324


References Available

Upon Request




The Walking Dead

Is your website old, dilapidated, and falling apart?  If so it could be a zombie.  Without a website to accompany your business, your business is The Walking Dead. (Repeat 60 min.)

The Vampire Diaries

I keep very odd hours while working on your site. You might see an email from me time stamped @3:48am. If  you do, then yep, I was really up at that time working on your site.  I probably went to bed about 7:02am, when the sun was rising, just like a vampire. (Repeat 60 min.)

The Originals

I like to be different. That’s why I do what I do, at the price I do it at.  I provide a quality service- web design & hosting, at a price far below the market rate for design of this quality. (Repeat 60 min.)

The man from VSU

A proud VSU Trojan uses his education and talent to help small businesses have a major presence on the web.

Hopefully, it will take me less time then that to convince you that I should be the person to design your website.  Unfortunately, it will take me longer than that to create your site.

60 Minutes

Resume and portfolio of Stefan Dukes, designer, web host, super genius.

(Orig Prog, timeless)

Close Up- Profile

This week’s resume is a profile featuring Stefan Dukes, who is actively seeking an opportunity to be your web host and designer.